14 Ways to Be Awesome in 2014

ted cruz, ted cruz green eggs and ham, ted cruz green eggs and ham gif

Do you remember everything that happened in 2013? Neither do I, but a lot did happen. In the spirit of helping you set real-life goals for 2014, let’s all embrace a model that hopes to learn from the past and press on toward tomorrow.

And, let’s do it in .gif form.

Without further adeau, here are my 14 ways to be awesome in 2014.

1. Get a haircut

jenninfer lawrence gif, jennifer lawrence jon stewart, jennifer lawrence haircut, jennifer lawrence haircut gif

That’s right. Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence may have gotten lots of press this year, what with her aforementioned performance in Catching Fire, an Oscar and supposed tussle with Miley Cyrus. But she shows us all just how stupid all of it can be when you “[get] your hair cut and then [find] out about it on the news.”

2. Get married, then make a music video with your spouse

kanye music video, kanye gif, kanye west gif, kanye music video gif, kim kardashian gif, kim kanye gif, kanye kim gif

3. Spoof a music video with someone who’s definitely not your spouse

james franco gif, seth rogan gif, james franco seth rogan gif, james franco kanye west

4. Adopt #hashtag speech 

justin timberlake hashtag

5. Take your best selfie ever

how to take a selfie, how to take a selfie gif, how to take a selfie today show, today show gif, willie geist gif

It’s the word of the year, right?

6. Too embarrassed to take a selfie? Get a cat and make a viral video

Okay, it may not be viral, but I did make that cat video with my own cat.

7. Tell the government how you really feel

ted cruz, ted cruz green eggs and ham, ted cruz green eggs and ham gif

Sometimes, there’s power in words.

8. Take a trip overseas

dennis rodman gif

9. Do something no one else thought you’d do

miley twerking gif, miley robin thicke gif

Whether you’re Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter, Alan Thicke’s son or someone else, there’s plenty of evidence from 2013 suggesting anyone can do just about whatever he or she wants to do. So, why not break expectations and do something no one else expects you to do this year?

10. Do something you never thought you’d do


If you feel like you’re the only one who’s envious of the accomplishments of others, you’re not alone. Just listen to Dan Wieden, of Wieden & Kennedy, describe the ad of the year he wishes he’d done. There’s something to be said about shooting for the moon, regardless of what happens.

11. Speaking of shooting for the moon, why not rewrite and sing out loud a legendary song

chris hadfield gif

12. Learn how to use everyday household items and accomplish everyday tasks

13. Give a little

molson beer, molson beer fridge, molson beer fridge gif

It seems like an odd concept that advertisers and brands can make you feel good about yourself and others, but several brands have been stepping up their game with campaigns that give. Coke’s been getting a lot of attention for this, one Canadian beer brand showed up this year to remind folks across Europe just how impactful connecting with other humans can be. Think about the ways you can give back this year.

14. Just be yourself, by being honest

The no nonsense, no bollocks guide to living.


Build something that actually works the first time around

Not like ….


or …

Boeing’s Dreamliner


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