Today’s tech roundup – 12-12-13


Huffington Post: Yahoo mail users contemplate switching to Gmail


image via allthingsd

Instagram announces Instagram Direct, acknowledges journalists’ affinity for physical things by sending out a bunch of photos printed on canvas

image via Adweek, who asks the tough questions about pervs and spammers

Google jumps the gun, decides for an entire industry that ads that don’t get viewed are basically worthless

image via Google’s blog, which reminded me that Blogger is still a thing
Quartz: 5 reasons why Netflix is better than everyone else

image via Quartz

Citigroup releases 30+ page report (that you have to read) about why digital video is going to take over the world

I’m thinking this could become a semi-regular segment. If you have feedback, I’d love to hear it. Any opinions expressed from the headlines I’ve written are mine and clearly don’t represent any point-of-view expressed by the linked publishers.